Masters of Sex: Shag for Science!

Prepare the camera dildo!

Prepare the big-ass camera dildo!

The first episode gets of to a great start, exactly as exciting, dramatic, awkward and witty as you’d suspect a show about sexual revolution and science to be.

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Mhysa: Three Favourite Scenes

Blood, I'm cool with that

Blood? I’m cool with that

//Spoilers// Mhysa lacks epic punch and falls flat after the awful Red Wedding, but soars in it’s intimate, character driven scenes.

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Rains of Castamere: The Red Wedding, oh crap!

Oh my God, what the fucking hell just happened?!

Oh my God, what the fucking hell just happened?!

//Spoilers// Game of Thrones pushes the envelope yet again, and delivers the most stunning and horrific bit of television. Ever. 

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The Bear and the Maiden Fair: Three Favourite Scenes

Why yes, I do feel awkward sitting down

Why yes, I do feel awkward sitting down, with you all the way up there

//Spoilers// Grandpa Lannister lets everyone knows who’s boss, and across the lands girlfriends and lovers have hearts to hearts.

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The Climb: Ode to Ros

Book fans back off, Ros is a gem

Controversy and book canon be damned, Ros was fantastic

//Spoilers// Game of Thrones doled out it bleakest episode yet, and left me in a livid, seething rage. I. AM. FURIOUS!

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Kissed By Fire: Three Favourite Scenes

Yeah, still giving you the stink eye Jaime

Puppy eyes don’t help, still giving you the stink eye Jaime… Sort of…

//Spoilers// Game of Thrones continues its strong momentum from the last episode, but switches from a bloody focus to verbal warfare. Also, lots and lots of asses.

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