Mhysa: Three Favourite Scenes

Blood, I'm cool with that

Blood? I’m cool with that

//Spoilers// Mhysa lacks epic punch and falls flat after the awful Red Wedding, but soars in it’s intimate, character driven scenes.

That was that. Another season over. A very, very bleak season. After season two, I hadn’t thought that Game of Thrones could get any worse, but as I’m learning, you don’t issue this show a direct challenge. Because GoT will deliver, oh yes it will, and meanwhile George R. R Martin will sit in the corner and giggle and stroke his beard while I cry.

After the weep fest that was Rains of Castamere, everything was going to feel a bit flat, and Mhysa is indeed an anti-climax. It isn’t a bad episode at all, but it simply can’t compare with the blood bath from last time. In my opinion, it ought to have ended with the Red Wedding, but I get why it didn’t. Finishing the season with Catelyn’s throat getting cut would have alienated too many viewers.

It doesn’t just lack the emotional punch of ‘Rains of Castamere’ though. It misses the epic mark that the finishing scenes of that last two seasons had. It is especially Danaerys’ finishing scene that fails to deliver. It just can’t measure up to dragon births and burying people alive in a bank vault.

No, Mhysa’s quality lies in the small, one of one scenes. There it remains as strong as ever.

Anger Management: Stab some guys 

God damn it, Arya. The poor girl just can’t catch a fucking break! Seriously! What more does she have to go through? She keeps narrowly avoiding detection, and instead is witness to her family getting disassembled like lego figurines. It’s simply not fair.

I’m so scared for her. That amount of violence is starting to screw her up, and now she’s tagging along with the Hound, who is not exactly the poster boy for compassion. He’s the worst sort of person for her to be around at this point, and yet, he’s also the best at the same time. Because who better to teach her to survive by the edge of a sword.

However, despite my fear of Arya getting desensitised from all the violence, I cannot help but feel very gratified when Arya tears that guy’s throat out. Especially after seeing what the Freys did to Robb’s corpse. Those motherfuckers! And Sandor’s reaction to Arya’s brutality is absolutely priceless. The writers really do understand the value of pitch black humor.

On a side note, I do find the mirroring of Arya and Sansa’s situations very interesting. Both girls are trapped in perilous circumstances, and having to adapt to them – Arya with the throat slitting, and Sansa with the political manoeuvring. It’s also curious that in both cases, Sandor Clegance serves as guide.

Balon don't like Dick In a Box

Balon doesn’t like Dick In a Box

Yara’s got the balls

Yara is one fierce bitch, my God! I suddenly love this woman. The Greyjoy’s been virtually absent from the season (apart from our weekly lectures on torturing Theon), and here Yara and Balon come hurtling in from the sidelines in a terrific scene.

Who would have thought that Yara Greyjoy, the woman with a fondness for playing doctor with her long lost little brother would be the person to give a lesson on loyalty this season. Well I guess it isn’t entirely unexpected after that fabulous ‘you were a terrible baby’ monologue in episode eight of season two.

There’s nothing like a mould breaker, and Yara passes with flying colours here. She joins the trend of GoT that the children outgrow their parents. For better (like Yara and Tyrion) or worse (Joffrey). Those who don’t evolve past their gene pool will perish (Robb).

It’s deeply satisfactory to see her flip the v to her dad and declare her purpose to save her brother. I’m reminded of Jorah’s words in season two, when he says that a leader must have a gentle heart in order to be great I think we’ve just seen how true that is. Also, the woman is a BAMF, that’s reason enough to love her.

This scene seems to hint that Yara’s going to feature a lot more in the next season, and I’m so cool with that.

A few Good Men, the Westeros Edition

A few Good Men, the Westeros Edition

Good guys goes to prison 

For the last scene of Mhysa, I’ve chosen my duo of a few good men. These two, common born bastards are really a light of this show. Not necessarily the cleverest of men (well mostly Gendry), they certainly come through when it counts.

Davos makes good with his promise of caring very little for his own life, when he sets Gendry free. Stannis, you idiot, haven’t you learned that Davos is a man of his word? When he says he doesn’t care about dying and that he thinks killing Gendry is wrong, dude’s gonna do something about it!

What really makes it for me though is Gendry and Davos’ little man to man about the red woman. There’s something very father and son in that conversation that I find so heart warming. It feels like a dad having ‘The Talk’ with his kid.

Also, it’s not related to the scene at all, but can we agree that there are few things on this show as adorable as Davos practising his reading skills with the help of wee Shireen?

Runner up: Roose and Walder

It’s awful and painful to watch, and I’m overcome with the urge to do violence, however, these two actors are so fantastic in this scene, it’s impossible not to love in some strange sense.

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