Second Sons: Three Favourite Scenes

Don't you daddy issue me!

Don’t you daddy issue me!

//Spoilers// An episode full of nothing but stunningly awkward and uncomfortable  conversations.

My summer hiatus turned out a bit longer than intended. I’ve been way too distracted by Roskilde Festival with a bitchin’ Metallica gig, a new job and the gorgeous Danish summer in general, but now I’m back in the game. I’ll try to get Game of Thrones wrapped up this week…

Never tickle a sleeping Hound

Oh dear sweet Arya, you really thought you could sneak up on the Hound like that? Bless your heart, but of course you wouldn’t succeed, because you two hopefully have a million great scenes in the future.

It’s one hell of an episode opener, and pits these two wonderfully against each other. I would watch an entire show of Sandor and Arya on adventures in Westeros. I’m enjoying their banter even more than I did her banter with Tywin Lannister, because she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she’s not. She’s free to resent him openly, and boy does she ever.

It’s a welcome addition to Arya’s storyline, which have been fairly stale for most of the season so far. She’s best when she’s playing off of fearsome killers, and quite interestingly, potentially sadly, Tywin, Jaqen and Sandor seems far better mentors to her than Ned ever was.

Obvious Stannis is Obvious

Oh thank God! A moral character to latch on to, come here Davos, let me hug you! The Onion Knight is like a balm on my ragged nerves at this point. There are so many awful people on this show, and then here’s the grossly underused Davos to the rescue, one of the few genuinely good people on this show. Thanks for that. More please.

The dynamics in the scene are fantastic, because even though Davos is the one behind bars, he is the free one. He’s not even particularly afraid of dying, as Stannis marvels. Also, he’s retained his integrity and honor, something that Stannis is very close to losing entirely.

And he’s aware of it. Like we’ve seen earlier on the show, Stannis is not as great a believer as he’d like to be. He’s not even subtle in his attempts to have Davos dissuade him from killing Gendry. The price of the crown is starting to look a bit steep. So stop being such a poop face Stannis, no one likes a fanatic.

That pretty wedding glow

That pretty wedding glow

Don’t you just love weddings?

Sansa and Tyrion’s deeply uncomfortable and periodically hilarious wedding is brilliantly written. The whole thing is a farce, as everyone knows and all the scenes are all so painfully uncomfortable and tense to watch.

Special mention goes to Cersei who is delightfully poisonous to both the Tyrell children and Joffrey makes me want to kill him as he continues his pettiness towards Tyrion and threatens to rape Sansa. Seriously, won’t someone kill him soon.

However, the real stars of the whole thing are of course the bride and groom. Turner manages to inject some stoic bravery into Sansa’s misery, and Dinklage is hilarious, as Tyrion gets steadily drunker with a wonderful return of the ‘God of Tits and Wine.’

And then Benioff and Weiss decide not to disguise the fact that Tyrion actually desires his child bride. A brave writing choice for the closest thing that GoT have to leading man since Ned’s death. Dinklage’s look of guilt ridden, horrified desire is fantastic. I’m quite interested how they’re going to deal with that in the coming season.

Also, booo Daario Naharis, booooooo! I don’t like your smug-ass face!

What was your favourite scene?

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