The Bear and the Maiden Fair: Three Favourite Scenes

Why yes, I do feel awkward sitting down

Why yes, I do feel awkward sitting down, with you all the way up there

//Spoilers// Grandpa Lannister lets everyone knows who’s boss, and across the lands girlfriends and lovers have hearts to hearts.

Daddy isn’t angry, just very, very disappointed

Despite my hatred of House Lannister, their catfights are simply the best, and this edition is particularly scrumptious. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tywin Lannister is a BAMF, and sometimes it is hard to hate him when he takes Cersei and her devil spawn down a peg.

And let’s just take a moment to relish the acting of Jack Gleeson. I’ve heard that he’s going to stop acting after GoT and pursue and academic career. That’s going to be a sad day, because holy shit, the guy’s got talent. It’s fascinating to see the contrast between the swaggering sadist of the last episode and the frightened little boy he becomes in the face of grandpa Lannister’s schooling. He really is a momma’s boy – like Cersei, he withers before the disappointment of Tywin.

Charles Dance does marvellous work with the character. I’ve loved the actor for ages – he’s really turned the intimidating dignitary into an art form. The way he oozes contempt when he says ‘we could arrange to have you carried is wonderful. Joffrey may have the official power, but to Tywin he’s just a puppet – I have a feeling we should be much more afraid of Tywin than of Joffrey really.

Full eye contact - can you handle it?

Full eye contact – can you handle it?

Jon: Romancing the wildlings 101

I don’t know if it’s George R. R. Martin writing the episode, the director, or that the subject matter is simply more interesting, but I haven’t been this interested in Jon’s storyline since his early days at Castle Black.

All of Jon’s scenes this episode are great, and I really enjoy the dynamics between him and Ygritte. The scene at the windmill, also known as a wildling palace, is probably the best though. The way that Jon marvels at her ignorance and Ygritte makes fun of the stuffy culture of the kingdoms is lovely. However, their entire interaction during this episode, just screams to the high heavens – or at least to the viewers that this can’t possibly end well. And in the particular scene Jon even spells it out for her – she’s not going to win like she wants to.

I fear for when Ygritte realises that Jon can’t act truly selfish and abandon the vows and the Night’s Watch. On that front, he’s Ned Stark’s son to a fault – the honor comes first.

And then I was like 'oh my God', and then he was like, you know 'oh fuck!'

And then I was like ‘oh my God’, and then he was like, you know, like ‘damn’

Sansa and Margaery: Pleasurecruise

Okay, so this last one was a bit of tie between Jaime and Brienne’s goodbye and Margaery teaching Sansa about the ways of life, but since I adore Sansa to pieces, she gets it.

Bless her poor heart, she’s just so innocent, and while I don’t trust Margaery’s motives the slightest and wants her to get away from my Sansa darling, I like that someone is teaching Sansa a bit more of the trickier parts to court. She could do worse. Oh God, please tell me I’m right about this and Margaery isn’t going to backstab her like crazy. Don’t answer that by the way.

A bit of sophistication is necessary for the eldest Stark girl, because so far she’s only been running on survival instinct (and boy has she got a lot of that, eh). Despite her statement that she’s a ‘stupid little girl, who never learns’, I have a feeling that Sansa is most definitely going to learn. This is either going to turn her into an expert court viper or crush her. Although I like her innocence, I will prefer her being alive and clever.  Also, great comedy relief in this scene: ‘Did your mother teach you?’ HAHAHAHA, oh my God Sansa!

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