Kissed By Fire: Three Favourite Scenes

Yeah, still giving you the stink eye Jaime

Puppy eyes don’t help, still giving you the stink eye Jaime… Sort of…

//Spoilers// Game of Thrones continues its strong momentum from the last episode, but switches from a bloody focus to verbal warfare. Also, lots and lots of asses.

Okay normally I wouldn’t have said anything, because I’m not really bothered by the rampant GoT nudity, but there was so much ass on display this time round. Five, yes I counted, and excuse me, but didn’t it seem weird that Jaime and Brienne had their little heart to heart in a bathtub?

However, the ass count is also en excellent segueway into: HURRAH; JON SNOW GOT SOME ASS! I feel I should make a blingee gif to celebrate this, but I’ll refrain from that for now, and try to act like my 23 years, and less like a 13 year old fangirl. In all seriousness though, it was actually kind of lovely to begin the episode with a bit of genuine joy and warmth. It wasn’t quite one of my favourite scenes though.


Jaime Lannister and Sad Baths

While I did find the scenery odd, nothing was wrong with the stuff that was taking place. Jaime’s confessional monologue was the best scene of the episode and easily takes a top place amongst the best scenes of the show. Damn that was some fine writing and brilliant acting, and it turned the character completely on his head – All of the three best qualities of Game of Thrones in one scene. I still haven’t forgiven Jaime for trying to kill Bran, but this scene continued with the big trends of this season: Expanding Jaime from raging narcissistic asshole, to one of the most fascinating and morally complex characters of the show.


Granny vs. Dwarf

There are few things that I love as much in fiction as well written and witty dialogue, and Game of Thrones always delivers on that front. So when two of the wittiest characters, Tyrion and Olenna, sat down to parry words, it was a joy to behold. However, it wasn’t so much a thrust and parry, as Lady Olenna bulldozing over Tyrion. She continues to upstage everyone, and for once it wasn’t painful, but hilarious to see Tyrion have his arse handed to him. Not much more to say than that. I love you Lady Olenna!


I believe the phrase you're looking for is: You just got served

Cersei, I believe the phrase you’re looking for is: You just got served…

Dysfunctional Lannisters being dysfunctional: The Wedding Planner

Well fuck me; I had not seen that one coming. I will not deny that there was a lot of yelling at the screen at this point. Tywin is simply a delight to watch, I never can figure out if I want to punch him or applaud him, because he’s such a BAMF and giant arsehole at the same time. I felt so sad for Tyrion, why can’t they just stop bothering him!

However, the thing I enjoyed most was seeing Tywin put Cersei in her place, especially as she’d been so gleeful throughout Tyrion getting his news. Her smug little smile made we want to kick my foot through the tv screen.

It’s fascinating to see Cersei reduced to a teenager when faced with her disapproving father. but then again who wouldn’t be terrified if Tywin Lannister was their father. I sure as hell would.

Honorable Mention: Arya and Gendry’s chat. Heartbreaking. “I can be your family” equals me getting all misty, and I adore that nice, thickheaded Gendry so much.

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