And Now His Watch is Ended: Three Favourite Scenes

Cool guys don't look at explosions

Cool guys don’t look at explosions

//Spoilers// Oh.My.God. Omigod omigod ohmigod! Holy shit, that’s what I’m talking about. Game of Thrones is back on track!

In my last review I complained about the pacing that came with the slow set up of the season, and it was much the same with the third episode that I didn’t get a chance to review – favourite scene was hands down, no pun intended, Jaime’s hand getting lopped off, eurgh. It seems that they’ve finally let the brake go now. ‘And now his watch is ended’ is one of the best episodes of the entire series.

That being said, it makes it near fucking impossible to choose three favourite scenes, because this episode was made up of nothing but fantastic writing and great acting with one strong scene following the next.


The Roof is on Fire or OMG DRAGONS vol.2 

There is one obvious contender for not only one of the three best scenes, but THE best scene of the episode. As much as I like the small-scale scenes of characters talking, Danaerys Targaryen fucking everything up in Astapor was a thing of beauty. Everything was perfectly pitched from the grandiose music to Iain Glen’s subtle acting. Also, Valyrian was obviously made to sound great when you hand people’s ass to them, because Emilia Clarke rocked the hell out of ‘kill all the masters’. While I do enjoy seeing Dany show an empathy that most of her other rivals for the Iron Throne do not possess, it is just as gratifying to see her living up to the cruel and slightly mad legacy of her house. Also, OMG DRAGONS!


Well hello there, want to get into the back of my windowless van?

Well hello there, want to get into the back of my windowless van?

Theon and the Spawn of Pure Evil

He so is Ramsay Snow! Having read the second book after watching season 2 (that’s the order I do it in), I was wondering where the hell he’d gone in the show. It must be him, though with a very different story line. It does seem that they’re sticking to him being a sick minded monster who actually gives Joffrey a run for his money. While I kept sniggering inwardly because he’s weird kid in Misfits, I stopped very abruptly when it was revealed where he’d brought Theon. Fuck.No!

I really didn’t want to feel sorry for Theon, I really, really didn’t. He’s a weak, spineless man who’s guided by jealousy and greed, but damn it, I felt so sorry for him when he sat there snivelling while thinking of Ned and Robb, and Alfie Allen really knocked this one out of the Park in my opinion. That’s what you get you wanker, for betraying the people that trust you! But oh my God, I’m so scared for him. Just look at the expression in Ramsay Snow’s eyes!


And here’s where I really run into trouble. While the two first are those that stuck out the most clearly to me, there is so much goodness, it’s awful to choose. Cersei getting told off by her father. Everything that Varys does – which was another moment of being utterly disturbed when Varys showed just how chilling a figure he is underneath all that jovial wit. Tyrion’s expression really just said it all. Sansa finally smiling ALL THE HUGS FOREVER. The Night’s Watch. Brienne telling off Jaime. However, I must try.


The Hound doesn’t give a shit

My final mention goes to the Hound for one simple reason: Characterisation. I didn’t really care shit for The Hound in the first season, and then I read the book, and my mind was blown. I could not believe that they chose not to utilise Sandor Clegane more with the backstory he’s got going for him. Also there was the whole debacle of him not actually telling Sansa of his burns himself. Still makes me grumpy. He’s a truly fascinating character, but in the show we didn’t really see him gain much depth before the Blackwater episode. I really hope he’s on the way for more and better screen time this season. Because Rory Mccann is great actor with so much presence.


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