Game of Lazy Journalists

More naked you say?

More naked you say?

Oh please just shut up about realism and sexposition already!

Game of Thrones is back, and it’s fantastic, we’re all feeling the love, but along with the season premiere, we also get a long line of journalists and academics trying to either intellectualise or analyse the show, sometimes both, and not all of it to great effect (and yes, I realise this includes myself.) Quite frankly, it’s lazy and it’s almost always to do with the sex, or how it’s not really like a fantasy show at all.


Bring on the titties

Now, first things first. Do I think there’s a lot of nudity in Game of Thrones? Yes, of course there is. Do I think some of it is gratuitous? Absolutely. Would I prefer they toned it down a bit? Sometimes yeah. That being said, SHUT UP ABOUT THE SEXPOSITION ALREADY! Nearly every single article I’ve read about Game of Thrones in the Danish mass media has dealt with either the amount of sex on the show, or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (we Danes tend to make a big deal about when one of our own are in an American production). The breaking point for me came today when I read an article on the show in one of Denmark’s biggest newspapers. Three out of five articles references were about sex and/or sexposition. It’s much the same in an American context.

How about writing about the amount of blood and guts on the show instead? It never ceases to amaze and frustrate me that nudity gets dissed so quickly, while rampant violence does not. Or how about doing an article where the focus is the fact that this show has more strong, female characters than most other shows combined? A side note to that is the fact that it breaks the fantasy trope of the genre underrepresenting the female side of things.

The not quite fantasy side of things

Or how about my very favourite annoyance of all? The fact that people try to make GoT not really being fantasy at all, but a historical novel with dragons. John Bradley aka. Sam Tarly actually references this in an interview. Seriously, I love that guy, let’s get married, dude.

The amount of prejudice that still clings to the fantasy genre is unbelievable, despite Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the genre is still considered the outpost of fiction and television. So as soon as a rich fantasy story starts making waves, it’s immediately about how it’s not like all that Dungeons and Dragons nonsense, but realistic and proper art, y’know?  The characters are complex, and the moral codex is muddled. It’s almost like a proper story.

It’s an insult to the genre, an insult to the writers and directors and it’s insulting to the fans that recognise Game of Thrones as exactly the thing it is. A prime example of well written fantasy drama.

And on both accounts, the media jumps in head first every single time, and I’m so sick of it!


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