Dark Wings, Dark Words: Three Favourite Scenes


You fight like a sissygirl, Jaime

//Spoilers// Well let us break into the pink champagne and the cucumber sandwiches, ‘cause it sure as hell was ladies night in Westeros.

By all accounts, Dark Wings, Dark Words was a much weaker episode pacing wise. Valar Dohaeris had the momentum of a premiere, but this time there was simply too much moving people into strategic positions, and too little actually happening. However, that being said, there was still plenty of juicy tidbits, and it was all about the ladies.

So without further ado, my three favourite scenes from ’Dark Wings, Dark Words’


Brienne the BAMF

Brienne, just delivers the most gratifying smack downs ever. It wasn’t full of poetic justice like the scene where she kills the northern rapists under the swinging corpses of their female victim, but it was still awesome to see her put down Jaime Lannister. That dude just needs to be spanked every time he goes on screen, and not in the nice kinky way.

I really didn’t think much of her at first. I thought she was rather wooden and boring to be honest, but now she is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. Gwendoline Christie is just magnificent with that dour face and deep voice.


The Trinity

I want a movie of Sansa, Margaery and Lady Olenna kicking the arse of all the stupid little boy kings of the world. It would be a thing of true beauty.

Lady Olenna is one sassy old lady, and it was a joy to see her dishing the dirt on everyone and everything, and she’ll damn well take her cheese whenever the fuck she wants it. However, I’m sure we’ll get to see more of that cranky lady, so I’ll really rather want to talk about Sansa.

Like most viewers, I really resented Sansa in the first season, but the girl has gone on to be one of my favourite characters. I could write page up and page down about why that is, but that is for another time, let’s just say I’ve really enjoyed her growth. I even enjoy her stupid little moments of schoolgirl fancy because it goes to show she’s not broken yet. It was a real cathartic moment to see her finally, finally speak her mind about that little turd Joffrey. Yes, you’re right Sansa, he’s a monster! I do have an awful feeling that it’s going to come back and bite her solidly on the arse. God. I just really want to give Sansa a hug – she needs it.

Joffrey Margaery

You want me to aim where?

Margaery, the casual sadist

She didn’t feature that much in the scene above, she did however get a moment of her own, and what a moment it was. My God, she’s one heck of a player. My skin was almost literally crawling in the scene where she flirts with Joffrey over his weaponry. I always feel terrified in scenes where people are alone with Joffrey, because he’s such an unpredictable little monster. I had not seen this scene coming though.

Margaery has just learned all his horrible little secrets from Sansa, and then she exploits them and plays each one of his twisted turn ons like a fiddle. Echoing Joffrey’s earlier conversation with his mother, Margaery plays the vivacious, but docile female, and Joffrey falls for it, the idiot. Margaery is obviously just about as docile as Cersei or her own crazy ass cool grandmother. I very much hope that this comes back to bite Joffrey on his skinny arse.

Since this is ladies night, a special mention goes to Catelyn Stark’s monologue. While it was a fairly clumsily placed piece of exposition, and made me go a bit ‘what the fuck?’, Michelle Fairlie just played the hell out of it. The woman really does not get enough probs on her work. She is just fantastic.

Also, the Hound, the Hound is back, he isn’t dead. This makes me so unbelievably happy! Although, what the hell are you doing ratting Arya out like that!?


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