Valar Dohaeris: Three Favourite Scenes

Game of Thrones is back and there's dragons, all is good (and very bad) in Westeros and Essos

Game of Thrones is back with its dragons, and all is good.

//Spoilers// There’s dragons, Tyrion quipping, boobs and severed limps and it is glorious. Oh, also there’s dragons. Game of Thrones is back, and here’s my three favourite moments from the fantastic opening episode Valar Dohaeris

NO SPOILERS! I’ve only read the first two books and watched the two seasons, I prefer to keep getting surprised!

Game of Thrones is back. Game of Thrones is fucking back! I’m so excited I could pee my pants about this! There is so much to like about it that I barely know where to start. Margaery Tyrell sweet talking Fleabottom, the always epic bromance that is Tyrion and Bronn, Joffrey dissing Cersei, Ros and Shae talking about being prostitutes with potential, and, and… I’ll stop now.

Rather than doing a full run down of the episode, you can see that everywhere else. I’ll feature my three favourite scenes in the series’ truly awesome first episode of season three. In my opinion it is the strongest of the now three opening episodes.



Well, technically it’s Danaerys’ first scene, but OMG DRAGONS! Being that GoT have a limited budget, we’re not likely going to see Dany’s dragon possé much, so I’m going to relish every single second, so OMG dragons! Dany’s first scene is great overall though. I really got the sense that Dany is going to go places in this season and do things to others, rather than in second season, where she mainly reacted to things done to her. I did grow rather tired of her second season arc, which was baffling to me since she was my favourite character in season 1. I’m very much looking forward to her taking the top spot yet again, and Emilia Clarke is simply captivating to look at. Also, did anyone else giggle at the Dothraki being miserable landlubbers?


Jon Snow/Mance Rayder Faceoff

Another character that I can wait to see what happens to in this season is Jon Snow. While I did find his storyline somewhat interesting in the second season, especially the Ygritte scenes – that shit was hilarious, he was very much about doing the right thing all the time.  Which doesn’t always translate into the most compelling character. So the prospect of him treading very morally dangerous ground is exhilarating. With the feisty wildling babe Ygritte on one side, and Mance Rayder on the other side, I’m sensing total Stockholm syndrome for Jon in this season.

Who are you calling daddy?

Oi, who you calling daddy?

His brief meeting with Mance was fantastic, especially the way that Mance saw straight through Jon’s first bullshit story, because yeah, Jon wants to be a hero so badly! Lo and behold though, the scene got even better, Jon actually uses his disgust over the Lord Commander’s handling of Craster to gain Mance’s at least preliminary trust. Morally dangerous like I said, and showing of a side of Jon we have not seen before. Jesus, I’m trying myself into knots here. Ciaran Hinds is fantastic by the way, such a skilled actor; I’ve loved his work for years. I’m so excited that he’s on the show. I’m completely expecting Mance to become one of my favourite characters. Kudos to Kit Harrington for more or less holding his own against Hinds.


Dysfunctional Lannisters being dysfunctional: Tywin and Tyrion 

Also known as how Benioff and Weiss (and George R.R Martin, destroyer of joy) kill all the puppies in our hearts. This scene was such a tremendous shock on top of the massive badassness that Tyrion displayed in the last season. While he did suffer a serious blow, both literally and figuratively in the last episode of season 2, I felt that his storyline was going to be all about getting back up again. He did try in this episode. He squabbled with Bronn and insulted his sister. And then THIS fucking happened. It was so awful. It’s been no secret up until now that Tywin really does not like Tyrion very much, but to see his disgust laid out like this while he rips Tyrion a new asshole with his horrible, mean words, was just terrible. I hate you so goddamn much Tywin Lannister! Having said that, these two fabulous actors definitely need more scenes together, even though it’s not good for my poor heart. I’m quite frankly terrified at the prospect if this first scene is anything to go by.


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